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What members want (hint: it's easier access to care, according to our survey)

Member satisfaction holds steady in 2022

Although members find working with Magellan providers helpful and feel respected and understood, getting connected with a provider initially remains the biggest challenge.

Magellan cares about the members we serve, and we know you do, too. In the ongoing effort to improve the quality of our programs and services, we conduct an annual survey that gives members across the country an opportunity to weigh in on areas of service that they are happy about and where they notice the need for improvement.

We measure rates of satisfaction across multiple domains such as accessibility of care, timeliness of service, convenience of appointment times, responsiveness of the therapist, helpfulness of our customer services, and other areas comprising the treatment experience. 

In 2022, overall member satisfaction for all plans was 83%.*

Members were generally happy with their choice of providers and reported that their provider respected their cultural and language needs and listened and understood their concerns. Thank you for making such a difference for our members!

The member survey also revealed that members would like it to be easier to get the care they or their family needs. A member’s ability to access care and their appointment wait times, respectively, were consistent predictors of overall satisfaction. Members who feel they have access to quality care and who received services within fewer days were more satisfied overall.

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Thank you for your flexibility in scheduling initial and follow-up appointments within a timeframe that reflects the clinical urgency of the member’s situation and for keeping your information, including your availability, up to date in our provider directoryIf you aren’t accepting new member appointments, let members know to contact Magellan for help finding a provider.

Analysis of feedback by plan type highlights the strengths and opportunities for each:

Commercial and employer health plans (not in California)*
  • Overall member satisfaction: 77% (commercial), 57% (employer)
  • Strengths: Access to quality behavioral healthcare (82%, 74%); Respect for cultural and language needs (79%, 71%)
  • Opportunities: Ease of getting what is needed (69%, 47%)
Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs not in California)
  • Overall member satisfaction: 83%
  • Strengths: Respect for cultural and language needs (85%); Ability to listen and understand concerns (84%)
  • Opportunities: Ease of getting what is needed (69%)
Public sector**
  • Overall member satisfaction: 87%
  • Strengths: Respect for cultural and language needs (88%); Access to quality behavioral healthcare (82%)
  • Opportunities: Ease of getting what is needed (68%)
California commercial health plans
  • Overall member satisfaction: 75%
  • Strengths: Respect for cultural and language needs (82%); Convenient service locations (77%)
  • Opportunities: Ease of getting what is needed (57%)
California Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
  • Overall member satisfaction: 87%
  • Strengths: Ease of contacting current counselor (94%); Ability to listen and understand concerns (93%)
  • Opportunities: Convenience of service locations (75%) 

Thank you for your commitment to meeting the needs of Magellan members and improving their satisfaction with the mental health, substance use, and EAP services they receive. We will continue to collaborate with providers to improve members’ experience and treatment outcomes.


*California results are reported separately, as are those of commercial health plans not in California. Overall member satisfaction in 2022, without California plans, was 81%.

 **Public sector refers to state-sponsored or other publicly funded health programs. Magellan administers surveys for minors via parents/guardians.


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