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Taking vacation? Do this before you go...

You’re thinking about what to pack for the cruise…even though it’s still a few weeks away. You like to be prepared. You have a checklist: Book the pet sitter, set up out-of-office response, update appointment availability with Magellan.

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Include these elements on corrected claims

Learn why the approriate qualifier and original claim number matter.

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What members want

(It's better access to care, according to our survey.)

Although members find working with Magellan providers helpful and feel that they are respected and understood, getting connected with a provider initially is the biggest challenge.

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Say more, save a life

As a mental/behavioral health provider, you’re likely all too aware that suicide is a serious public health concern. Help prevent suicide by promoting awareness with these member resources.

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Licensed in a new state?

Let us know promptly. Your Magellan provider agreement is state-specific. Billing for services in a state outside the provisions of your current Magellan agreement will result in denied claims.

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Tap time-saving features on Availity Essentials

Magellan’s behavioral health network providers can find eligibility and benefits, claims remittance and EOP/EOB data on Availity Essentials. Plus, we share training resources here to help.

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Identify as a small or minority-owned business?

Sharing your business classification helps Magellan continue to improve services for all members and could increase your opportunities for referrals with some plans and programs!

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Using evidence-based practices in drug and alcohol treatment

In July 2023, Magellan completed a review and update of its clinical monograph, Evidence-based Practices in Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery.

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Medical necessity criteria update happens in November

The updated criteria set will become effective Nov. 18, 2023. 

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