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Tap time-saving eligibility/benefits and claim status features on Availity Essentials

On Availity’s Essentials portal, you can:  

  • Obtain eligibility and benefits—including accumulated amounts—for Magellan members using Eligibility & Benefits.
  • Check the status of a Magellan claim—even if you don’t use Availity for claim submission—using Claim Status.
  • View and print explanation of payment (EOP)/explanation of benefit (EOB) data for Magellan members with Remittance Viewer.
  • Access Magellan-specific applications and resources via a single sign-on to Magellan’s provider website with Magellan Healthcare’s Payer Space

Remember you have access to our top 10 helpful tips and tricks for using Availity Essentials (PDF) and more at

Not yet registered with Availity Essentials?

If you don’t already use Availity Essentials, set up your account now. There is no cost for registration or use. Availity has complimentary webinars and resources to help you get started with your registration.

Continue to watch your inbox and our website as we introduce new Availity Essentials capabilities and discontinue those on


*For some state-sponsored or government-funded programs, eligibility and benefits may not appear in Availity Essentials; to verify eligibility and benefits, go to the state’s website.

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