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Addicted to gambling, or have a client who is?

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month

An estimated 2 million U.S. adults meet norms for gambling; 4 to 6 million more would be deemed problem gamblers.* Gambling stays a hidden addiction for many.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month was started to:  

  • Raise public knowledge of problem gambling. 
  • Make prevention, treatment and recovery services more available.  
  • Urge healthcare providers to screen clients for problem gambling. 

Problem gambling is known as the hidden addiction. Problem gamblers typically do not show signs that are physical.

Problem gamblers are often depressed, anxious and may: 

  • Have thoughts of suicide.  
  • Neglect family and friends.  
  • Run up large amounts of debt.  
  • Be involved in things that are not legal.

Gambling addiction is a mental health disorder. It can be diagnosed. And it can be treated.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, visit the National Council on Problem Gambling for private help


*National Council on Problem Gambling FAQ

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