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Telehealth providers: Maintain practice data for your “virtual” location

To ensure you continue to receive referrals and get claims paid for telehealth, it's vital that you keep the record for your virtual location. 

Magellan maintains a separate record in our database for your practice when you provide telehealth services. This is your “virtual” location. It looks like a duplicate record, only without the address. It’s how your telehealth practice gets included in our provider directory for members and how you get paid for the telehealth sessions you conduct.

Sometimes providers remove the virtual record when updating practice data via our online provider data change form, thinking the duplicate record is a mistake. (It’s not!)

We are working to change our form so it will be clear that the virtual location pertains to your telehealth practice. Until then, please continue to make edits/updates to your practice data when needed. Just make sure to keep the location that shows without an address. Do not remove.


To ensure you continue to receive referrals and get paid for telehealth services, retain your virtual location’s record.

If you think you might have inadvertently removed your virtual location, you may contact the Provider Services Line at 1-800-788-4005, or email us

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