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Patient safety report - sharing results from the 2018 survey

In alignment with the National Academy of Medicine’s quality aim of patient safety in healthcare and your provider contract, Magellan distributes an annual patient safety survey to inpatient and residential facilities and psychiatrists practicing in groups or in individual practice. The survey goal is to assess the existence of providers' policies, activities and monitoring processes relating to patient safety measures.

Magellan's focus on patient safety includes three major aspects of care and service:

  • Communication across the continuum of care, and especially at times of transition
  • Medication management and medication reconciliation including monitoring the use of second-generation antipsychotics per American Psychiatric Association (APA) guidelines and the use of medications for substance use disorders
  • Use of technologies to improve service and care to members during periods of coordination and transition of care.

2018 safety survey - key findings

Survey Item 2016 2017 2018

Response Rate




- Aggregate




- Psychiatrists / Groups




- Facilities




Percentage of Positive Responses




Discuss history of adverse medication reactions with PCPs




Provide discharge summaries to patients to share with PCPs




Prescribe anti-craving medication to support abstinence




Use of technologies to improve coordination of care




 While provider participation was down in the 2018 survey, providers who did respond
reported better compliance with patient safety measures.

Help us improve patient safety in 2019 

  • Plan to respond in the 2019 Patient Safety Survey. As you’ll notice in the table above, response rates continue to drop. Your input is valuable, and we look forward to hearing from you in 2019.
  • Improve coordination of care by sharing information with treating providers and/or primary care physicians, either through an in-person discussion, a call, through mail or a fax.
  • Consider prescribing anti-craving medication to support abstinence.
  • Implement technologies such as e-appointments, or e-prescribing to improve coordination of care.

Best practices of practitioners/facilities: 

  • Educate patients about benefits, risks and side effects of medications.
  • Prescribe anti-craving medication to support abstinence.
  • Use technology to improve coordination and transition of care.
  • Share discharge summaries with patients, other providers and the PCP. 

2019 patient safety survey alert 

Coming soon! Be watching for your opportunity to participate in the 2019 survey via email in late May. We’ll send you a link to complete the survey easily online. If we do not have your email, you’ll receive a fax or a letter instead. However, if you prefer an email survey, please send your email address to


Magellan welcomes your questions and feedback. Please contact Russell Dickinson, director of quality and accreditation, at (410) 953-2306 or

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