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Capture the good work you do for our members with major depression

(You have resources from us to make it easier.)

As a Magellan behavioral health provider, the education you offer to our members is essential to their functioning. Many of our members seek help due to struggles with depression. Educating clients about their diagnosis of major depression and its treatment provides them with a framework in which to understand their illness and how to manage it. This education has been shown to increase self-awareness, self-evaluative abilities and ownership of personal mental healthcare. 

In Magellan’s treatment record review process, we look for evidence that the “provider delivered education about major depression and its treatment to the patient, and if appropriate, to the family.” While we believe this is a regular practice of our providers, the documentation we review does not always capture the good work you’re doing. Our review results from the last year showed that member education was occurring in 31.6% of records, while our benchmark goal is 70%.

When you provide education to a member about their diagnosis, it is important to document this in your client’s medical record. To ensure Magellan members receive quality services, we adopt and adhere to the standards of recognized external accrediting bodies such as NCQA and URAC. Your documentation shows evidence these standards are being followed. Research indicates that a member’s understanding of their diagnosis and treatment protocol leads to higher levels of compliance (and thus, more likely success) with treatment.

Quality aids for you

  • You have access to the Informed Consent for Treatment form (PDF) on This form asks the member to acknowledge that you’ve provided education on their diagnosis.
  • You can also refer to the American Psychiatric Association’s and American Psychological Association’s guidelines for the treatment of depression, available on


If you have questions about diagnosis education or another aspect of quality improvement, contact Lorraine Langdon-Hull at (314) 387-4892 or

Thank you for your commitment to caring for Magellan members.


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