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Review these important tips on being in Magellan's Texas Medicaid network

To remain in-network, remember these important items:
  • Enroll with Texas Medicaid before providing care to Medicaid STAR, CHIP and STAR Kids members for Magellan.
  • Maintain a valid, current license or certification to enroll with Medicaid, revalidate your information as required by TMHP and CMS, and provide TMHP a copy of your license upon renewal to prevent deactivation.
  • Notify both TMHP and Magellan of address changes, based on the process of each entity. Failure to maintain current address information may impact referrals and/or payment.
  • Report changes in ownership promptly. This could require additional action, including new Medicaid enrollment, update of contract documents, etc. 
  • If you change your provider specialty or enroll in additional Medicaid programs, you may need to apply for additional Texas Medicaid numbers.
  • Report your primary physical address and any additional sites where you provide services to both TMHP and Magellan.
  • Review all your practice information on a regular basis, on both the TMHP website and
  • Note that missing address information could impact reimbursement for travel services for your members to their appointments (per TMHP off-cycle notice, May 28, 2021).

You may reference the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual (Volume 1, Provider Enrollment and Responsibilities) for further detail. Note: you will need to accept the disclaimer that pops up first to peruse the manual.

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