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Virtual services get a thumbs up in 2020 member satisfaction survey

Plus, members ranked other Magellan services highly, with a few areas noted for improvement.

Magellan cares about the members we serve, and we know you do too. In the ongoing effort to improve the quality of our programs and services, we conduct an annual survey that gives members across the country an opportunity to weigh in on areas of service that they are happy about and where they notice the need for improvement. 

Rates of satisfaction are measured across multiple domains such as accessibility of care, timeliness of service, convenience of appointment times, responsiveness of the therapist, helpfulness of our customer services, and other areas comprising the treatment experience. 

Overall member satisfaction 84.6% for all plans in 2020 (up from 73% in 2019)

Employee assistance programs (EAPs): 83.8%

Commercial health plans: 79.8%

Employer plans: 84.6%

Public sector plans (adults): 90.8%

Public sector plans (minors): 89.3%

 *Public sector refers to state-sponsored or other publicly funded health programs.

**Magellan administers surveys for minors via parents/guardians. 


Virtual services were a hit in 2020

One of the main contributors to member satisfaction in 2020 was your delivery of virtual services during COVID-19 lockdowns, underscoring the vital importance of timely and convenient access to care. Most members expressed an interest in having access to virtual appointments, even if they didn’t want it to be their only option, since they saw the value in having access to care when in-office services weren’t possible. 


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Members appreciated providers and Magellan making it easy to continue getting behavioral health support during an already difficult time. 

If you provided virtual services in 2020, thank you again! If you haven’t already done so, why not consider using telehealth in your practiceTreat members at a time that works, and a place that's safe and secure for both of you using real‐time, two‐way communication via secure online virtual sessions. 

Other things members appreciated about Magellan services and providers

  • Feeling listened to and understood (88.3%, employee assistance programs)
  • Access to quality healthcare (86.2%, commercial health plans and 88.7% employer plans)
  • Types of services covered (93.0%, public sector – adults and minors aggregate)

Areas with greatest opportunity to improve members' experience with services

  • Appointment convenience (82.3%, employee assistance programs)
  • Convenience of service locations – parking, public transportation, close to home, etc. (79.1%, commercial health plans) 
  • Providers respect for my cultural and language needs (80.4%, employer plans)
    • Magellan supports culturally sensitive care for our members that respects cultural beliefs, practices and language preference—learn more.
  • Level of cooperation between behavioral health providers and physical health providers (82.8%, public sector – adults and minors aggregate)
    • Magellan encourages communication between behavioral health and medical providers. Using the Clinician Communication Form (PDF) allows you to inform the PCP that behavioral health treatment is occurring, and also provides information on how the PCP can contact you if needed. Other information in the communication can include member diagnosis, a clinical summary, treatment plan changes, member safety issues, laboratory tests ordered, and medication issues or changes.

Members' overall perceptions about services  



Overall satisfaction

I am happy with the choice of providers I have with Magellan

Availability of care at times that work for members

Service locations were convenient






Health plan










Public sector (adults and minors aggregate)





 Members from across the country rate their satisfaction across multiple domains.


Thank you for your commitment to meeting the needs of Magellan members and improving their satisfaction with the mental health and substance abuse services they receive. We will continue to collaborate with providers to improve the member experience and their treatment outcomes.

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