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Help members connect with resources for co-occurring conditions

Magellan has screening programs for depression and substance use

For commercial health plans, Magellan supports two screening programs designed to identify members with co-occurring conditions and help them get the service and treatment they need. As a Magellan provider, you can contact us when you suspect a member is struggling with a co-occurring disorder, and we can help you find resources to share with him/her. 

Screening of members with significant medical issues for depression

The correlation between medical conditions and depression is well documented in professional literature, with studies showing a high prevalence of co-occurring depressive disorders with chronic medical conditions, and that depressive disorders negatively impact the outcome of the medical disorders and patient mortality.

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 As a Magellan provider, you can contact us when you suspect a member is struggling with a co-occurring disorder.

Magellan’s health plan clients refer members with chronic medical conditions (for which co-occurring depression has been associated) to us for depression screening, assessment, and referral for behavioral health services as indicated. We reach out to members to let them know a case manager, who is a licensed clinician, is available to speak with them. The case manager conducts a telephonic clinical screening and assessment for depression and helps determine the member’s behavioral health needs. In addition, the case manager will offer tools and resources the member can use to make decisions about his/her health goals.

Screening of members with co-existing mental health and substance use issues

According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 9.2 million (3.7%) adults had both a mental illness and a substance use disorder, but only 7% received both mental healthcare and specialty substance use treatment.2

Magellan screens all adult members identified for complex case management services for co-existing mental health and substance abuse disorders, utilizing the screening results to develop comprehensive care plans that address treatment needs for both the mental health and substance use issues.

Tap into Magellan's screening programs

Getting help on behalf of patients whom you suspect may be suffering from co-occurring conditions is easy:

  1. Contact the customer service number on the member’s ID card.
  2. Follow the prompts for mental/behavioral health.
  3. Ask for the Magellan case management team.  

Our care managers will discuss the case with you and arrange for additional resources to support the member’s behavioral health wellness. 

Please note that there is no cost to covered members for the screening and case management services that Magellan offers.

[1] Rossom RC, Solberg LI, Magnan S, Crain AL, Beck A, et al:Impact of a national collaborative care initiative for patients with depression and diabetes or cardiovascular disease. General Hospital Psychiatry. 2017; 44(Jan-Feb): 77-85. Thase ME:Managing medical comorbidities in patients with depression to improve prognosisJ Clin Psychiatry 2016;77(suppl 1):22–27.

[2] Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2019). Key substance use and mental health indicators in the United States: Results from the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (HHS Publication No. PEP19-5068, NSDUH Series H-54). Rockville, MD: Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Retrieved from

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