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California members remain satisfied with Magellan provider services

According to 2019 member satisfaction survey results, HAI-CA* achieved an overall member satisfaction rating of 69.7%, with a survey response rate of 17.6%. The overall member satisfaction rate was below Magellan’s goal of 90%.

Key areas of member satisfaction


Measured satisfaction item

2019 result

Therapist characteristics (e.g., age, gender, skills, ethnic background, language)

94.07 - 95.89%

Office staff treated member with courtesy and respect


Therapist quality: therapist listened and understood concerns


How often therapist/counselor(s) clearly explained things in a way the member could understand

89.9 %

Therapist promptness


How often the member was involved in their own counseling or treatment


How often the therapist/counselor(s) spent enough time with the member


How much the counseling or treatment helped the member


With regard to network providers, Magellan HAI-CA members expressed their highest levels of satisfaction with their therapists or counselors, as shown above.

Member access complaints indicate members continue to express barriers with providers’ lack of responsiveness to calls for an initial appointment, providers' lack of availability to take new members, or providers not taking HAI-CA members.

Members also rated Magellan’s overall services. The highest levels of satisfaction were in the following areas.

Measured satisfaction item

2019 result

Magellan's language assistance services


Courteousness of Magellan staff members


Opportunities for improvement

In the 2019 survey, responses to certain questions presented opportunities where Magellan will strive for improvement. These areas include:

  • The member’s ease of obtaining the counseling or treatment the member or therapist/counselor believed necessary.
  • Delays in awaiting approval from Magellan.
  • Ease of locating a therapist/counselor through Magellan.
  • Timeliness of accessing care.
  • Improved training for Magellan representatives who support member inquiries about benefits and claims. 

Magellan of California’s Member Services Committee will identify the corrective action measures needed to improve member satisfaction in the areas listed above.


*In California, Magellan does business as Human Affairs International of California, Inc. and/or Magellan Health Services of California, Inc. – Employer Services.

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