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region/plan-specific news : Virginia Medicaid

Virginia members' overall satisfaction increases slightly in 2018

We invited Magellan of Virginia members who requested treatment between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2018 to share their perceptions of the service they received from Magellan. Surveys were categorized by adults (over the age of 21) and parents/guardians of children/minors (under the age of 22).

2018 response rate

  • Adults – 6.5% (a 2.6 percentage point decrease from 2017)
  • Minors – 6.4% (a 1.7 percentage point decrease from 2017)

Overall satisfaction

Combining the minor and adult survey responses, the 2018 overall satisfaction rate slightly increased from 84.9% in 2017 to 86.1% in 2018.

  • For adults, the 2018 overall satisfaction rate of 87.6% exceeded the goal of 85% but was a decrease from 2017's rate of 90.3% and consistent with 2016’s rate of 86.3%.
  • For children/minors, the 2018 overall satisfaction rate of 84.4% narrowly missed the goal of 85%. This overall satisfaction rate was an increase from 2017's rate of 80.3% and 2016’s rate of 81.4%. 

Highest-rated survey items

  • Staff members respected my wishes about who was and who was not to be given information about my treatment.
  • I was able to ask questions about my treatment and/or medicine.
  • Service was available at the times that were good for me.
  • Staff members told us what side effects to watch out for.
  • I was able to ask questions about my child’s treatment and/or medicine.
  • Services were available at the times that were good for us.

Lowest-rated survey items

  • If I filed a complaint or grievance, I was satisfied with the outcomes.
  • I am more comfortable in social settings.
  • I do better in school and/or at work.
  • Our family was told about our rights.
  • My child’s symptoms are not bothering him/her as much.
  • I am satisfied with our family life right now.

Members commented that they are satisfied with the services provided and mentioned some providers with whom they are pleased. Most ideas for improvement included overcoming provider availability and gaps in insurance coverage.

We appreciate everything you do to impact and improve members’ satisfaction and care.


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