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region/plan-specific news : Louisiana CSoC

Regional Advisory Committee connects stakeholders, takes action

Providing comprehensive care through the Wraparound process requires collaboration and coordination among numerous community stakeholders. Knowing that it takes intentional action to do this, Magellan of Louisiana – in collaboration with one of our Wraparound agencies – recently created Regional Advisory Committees (RACs).

Our first RAC connected over 50 representatives from our statewide Family Support Organization (FSO), behavioral health providers, local school systems, child-serving state agencies, law enforcement, the juvenile court system and Magellan. The group participated in a roundtable discussion on the strengths and the improvement opportunities of our current behavioral health system.

Surveys collected at the meeting indicated participants were positively impacted by the RAC

  • 100% reported positive satisfaction with the committee.
  • 100% reported that the presentation increased their knowledge of the CSoC program and provider issues.

We gathered direct insight from stakeholders on areas that required further development, including the need for additional trainings to support our network providers. Under the direction of CSoC medical director, Dr. Richard Dalton, the Clinical and Quality teams are working on initiatives to offer our providers resources and trainings on evidence-based clinical interventions.

Thank you to all who participated in the first RAC, and special thanks to Todd Earnest, Magellan of Louisiana supervisor of clinical care services, for spearheading this effort! With one committee under our belt, we are excited to expand the RAC model to other areas of the state.

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