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region/plan-specific news : California

California members highly satisfied with Magellan providers in 2018

According to the 2018 member satisfaction survey results for commercial health plans in California, HAI-CA* achieved an overall member satisfaction rating of 86.4%, with a survey response rate of 17.1%.

Members' highest satisfaction is with providers

(It’s all about YOU!)

In 2018, members continued to express positive levels of satisfaction with key areas of provider service, with scores ranging from 88.2% to 98.2% for providers’ skill; meeting members’ different cultural, language, ethnic, gender and special need requests; and clinical care.

Here are some things that members liked:

Measured satisfaction item

2018 result

Therapist’s characteristics (age, gender, skills, ethnic background, language)

96.6% - 98.2%

Therapist’s courtesy and respect


Therapist listened and understood concerns


Therapist clearly explained treatment plan/working together


Therapist explained things in an understandable way


Therapist spent enough time with member


Member was involved as much as desired in counseling or treatment


Office wait time was less than 15 minutes


The good news? Magellan members love working with you!

Members would like to see improvement in these areas

(Will you help?)

Although members were very happy overall with their therapists, once they got an appointment, they were less than satisfied in areas related to access to care and appointment availability. The most frequent reason members file an access complaint is due to the provider’s lack of response to an initial inquiry about getting an appointment: “The provider never called me back,” or “The provider did not return my call.”

Here are some things that members didn't like:

Measured satisfaction item

2018 result

Ease of finding a therapist/counselor through Magellan


Ease of getting treatment or counseling through Magellan


Problem getting counseling or treatment therapist/counselor believed necessary


Getting care as soon as needed, within last 12 months


The bad news? The most frequent reason members file an access complaint is due
to the provider’s lack of response to an initial inquiry about getting an appointment.

Here are some ways you can help improve the member experience:
  • Return member calls within a reasonable timeframe. Magellan’s standard is within one business day.
  • Set up an auto email/voicemail response that indicates your current availability and how soon the member can expect to hear back from you.
  • If you don’t accept appointment requests via email, set up an auto response that invites members to call you for an appointment instead.
  • Keep your appointment availability status up to date via The information you enter in the Provider Data Change Form feeds our provider directory for members in real time.
How Magellan helps members:

If a member is unable to find a provider and contacts us, we will call/email providers in the member’s area to find the next available appointment. We will share this information with the member, who then can contact the provider to schedule a convenient appointment. Want more referrals? Make sure to accept appointment availability emails from Magellan. We may contact you from time to time on behalf of member looking for an appointment; we appreciate your quick response.

These survey results are specific to our commercial health plans in California. Also, see our feature article that contains information on Magellan's 2018 national member satisfaction survey results.

*In California, Magellan does business as Human Affairs International of California and Magellan Health Services of California, Inc. - Employer Services.

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