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Member satisfaction with Magellan services, providers remains high

Each year, Magellan organizes comprehensive outreach to obtain direct feedback about our behavioral health services from the people we’re serving—our members nationwide. The most recent results, spanning calendar year 2017, demonstrate that providers and Magellan are continuing to meet members’ needs at a high level.

Through the satisfaction survey process administered by our Evaluation and Outcomes Surveys department, we ask a large sample of members served during the year to rate the performance of Magellan staff and providers across a host of service areas. We ask members to rate their satisfaction with things like the ease of access to Magellan and providers via phone, waiting time for appointments, courtesy of the provider’s office staff, the overall effectiveness of services in meeting the member’s needs, and many more areas of service.

Overall member satisfaction for 2017

Here’s how members evaluated Magellan (total mental health/substance abuse services) overall, as broken out by program:
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): 88 percent
  • Commercial Health Plans: 89.5 percent
  • Employer Plans: 91.7 percent
  • Public Sector Plans (Adults): 87.8 percent*
  • Public Sector Plans (Minors): 80.9 percent**

 *Public Sector refers to state-sponsored or other publicly funded health programs.

**Magellan administers surveys for minors via parents/guardians.


How providers contributed to Magellan member satisfaction in key areas  

2017 Provider-related Survey Item
Health Plan
Public Sector-Adults
Public Sector-Minors

Overall satisfaction with therapist






Convenience of appointment times






Therapist listened, took questions and understood member’s concerns






Member helped by services received






Member would use this program if seeking help again/or recommend program to others




80.6 - 83.4%


What members say they like best about Magellan services and providers

  • Provider listening and understanding members’ concerns (according to EAP and employer plan members, public sector adults)
  • Convenience of appointment times (according to employer plan members)
  • Staff courtesy, clear explanations (according to commercial health plan members, public sector adults)
  • Ability to ask questions and participate in treatment (according to parents/guardians of public sector minors).

Where members say Magellan services and providers could improve

  • Ease of contact, convenient appointment times (according to EAP members)
  • Office location, provider specialty matched needs (according to employer plan members)
  • Waiting for appointment (according to commercial health plan members)
  • Access to providers when needed (according to public sector - adults and minors)
  • Receiving needed information (according to parents/guardians of public sector minors)

As always, we thank you for contributing to and supporting our satisfaction survey efforts. Magellan’s national results for 2017 were very strong and we will continue to work with providers in areas where member satisfaction can be improved. 

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