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Tapping Magellan clinical practice guidelines

Magellan promotes the delivery of quality behavioral healthcare to our members. One resource our providers can use to help fulfill this commitment is the clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) on our provider website,

You can quickly access our best practices in 7 different sets of guidelines on a wide range of diagnoses. We develop or adopt CPGs to assist you in screening, assessing, and treating common disorders. To do this, Magellan’s multidisciplinary panel examines relevant scientific literature and seeks input from network providers, consumers and community agencies in a comprehensive process.

CPGs and treatment record reviews

The Magellan care management center serving employer plans applies five of the CPGs in our treatment record review process. These guidelines are:

  • Major Depression
  • ADHD
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Managing Suicidal Patients

Would you be surprised to learn that the guidelines for Major Depression and Managing the Suicidal Patient are the two CPGs most frequently seen in our reviews? In 2023, the provider adherence score for all Major Depression CPG reviews was 90.5% while the score for Managing the Suicidal Patient was 91.1%. For the other three CPGs applied, providers scored well above the 70% goal. This shows that to a large degree, providers effectively fulfill the documentation requirement for these guidelines. We applaud your efforts in providing quality care to our members! 

Where to find CPGs

All CPGs are available for your review on (from the Get Information box, select Clinical Practice Guidelines).

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