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Promoting the link between movement and mental health

Resources to share with patients, family, friends and colleagues

Movement has a profound impact on mental health. One recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that engaging in physical activity is 1.5 times more effective at alleviating stress, anxiety, and mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression than taking antidepressant medications.1, 2

During May and throughout the year, Magellan is committed to increasing awareness about mental health, wellbeing, and the importance of recognizing and addressing concerns. This year we highlight the connection between physical activity and mental health. We invite you to engage with us through our Mental Health Month resources, and share with your clients, patients, family, friends and colleagues.

Mental Health Month website

Visit for information and resources, including:

  • Campaign toolkit with tip sheets, flyers, posters, digital signs, Zoom backgrounds, a daily exercise calendar, and coloring sheets (incluyendo recursos en español)
  • National mental health resources
  • Information on our collaboration with Inspiring My Generation and resources to get involved in its Encouragement Card Program to bring comfort and motivation to adults and youth hospitalized in mental health facilities

Additional resources


1 Berman, R. Is exercise more effective than than medication for depression and anxiety? Medical News Today 3 Mar 2023.

2 Singh B, Olds T, Curtis R, et al. Effectiveness of physical activity interventions for improving depression, anxiety and distress: an overview of systematic reviews. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2023;57: 1203-1209.

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