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Discharge summary submissions discontinued

For outpatient, blended case management and family-based services

In February 2022, we shared an update via email concerning regulatory requirements related to the submission of discharge summaries for outpatient (OP), blended case management (BCM), and family-based services (FBS) levels of care. The email stated:

Effective immediately, Magellan will no longer require providers to submit discharge summaries for OP, BCM, and FBS levels of care. It is still required that providers conduct thorough discharge planning in collaboration with members, families, and identified care teams. Such processes are to be documented, made available to each member, and saved within each member record. Performance Outcome Management System (POMS) data entry should continue to be entered through the provider portal on Magellan will continue to require discharge summaries for intensive behavioral health services (IBHS). Please continue to send these electronically through the Magellan provider website. We respectfully request providers do not use paper mail for these summary submissions.

We encourage our providers to share this information with your colleagues and stakeholders. Please reach out via email ( to Magellan with any questions or concerns.

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