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EAP CIR provider: Tip sheets you can share with members

Critical incidents happen every day. Their frequency doesn’t make them any easier.

Losing a co-worker, coping with downsizing, supporting someone with a serious illness: no doubt you’ve experienced some, if not many, of these types of events yourself.

Yet, as an EAP provider who provides critical incident response services, you also have experience helping others tap their resources to recover from such events.

You have additional resources from Magellan to help our members cope and recover.

Available in English and Spanish, the following tip sheets can be printed and shared as needed.

Loss of a co-worker: Help for managers handling grief in the workplace (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Coping with downsizing and job loss (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Coping with the death of a co-worker (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Grief: how to help yourself and others through the grieving process (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Healing after a co-worker dies by suicide (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Robbery: tips for coping with trauma (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

A guide to stress and resiliency (PDF)Spanish (PDF)

Supporting a co-worker with a serious illness (PDF)Spanish (PDF)


Find these resources and more at

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