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Providers rate Magellan service components

The Magellan center serving commercial plans conducted a survey to gauge our providers’ satisfaction with the quality of services they received during a six-month period in 2019. 

Provider survey category

Percent satisfied

Overall satisfaction


Pleasantness of engaging with Magellan staff and/or systems


Effectiveness of Magellan meeting provider needs


Claims process


Magellan service


Ease of getting what the provider needed


Appeals process


Reimbursement rate


Likelihood of recommending joining Magellan’s provider network to a colleague


Plotted against a goal of 75% satisfaction across all domains,
the results showed both areas of strength and opportunities for Magellan to improve.

In addition to focusing on general areas above where Magellan can make a more positive impact on provider satisfaction, in 2020 we also will address a subset of specific issues where providers noted lesser levels of satisfaction:

  • First-call resolution of provider’s issues, questions or concerns
  • Consistency of clinical decisions (i.e., utilization management)

A change in Magellan’s survey methodology resulted in a very small sample size for the 2019 survey; the subsequent survey will include a larger sample and will likely generate a richer set of results.

Magellan encourages you to respond to these and other surveys that we send to gauge your satisfaction with our processes. We take your input quite seriously, and we appreciate the time you take to rate our services. We always strive to improve our procedures to positively enhance your experience.

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