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COVID-19: Important updates to help you care for Magellan members

Billing clarifications and updates to COVID-19 resources support you in providing care

As we continue to face the COVID-19 crisis together, know that you have pertinent information to support you in caring for Magellan members. You’ll find important updates and clarifications to the provider Q&As (PDF) and other COVID-19 resources on the Magellan provider website.

As you know, last month we enacted numerous measures related to telehealth and services occurring during this crisis. Please take a few minutes to review the details at:

Several reminders:

  • Keep your availability and other practice data up to date via the provider website.
  • If given the opportunity to respond to Magellan requests via email, website or fax, please select these options over postal mail, to avoid possible delays.
  • If you still submit paper claims or receive paper checks, visit our electronic transactions webpage for instructions on submitting claims electronically and receiving payment via direct deposit instead.
  • ABA providers: be sure to review the applied behavior analysis section of the provider Q&As (PDF, at the end) for important updates pertaining to these services.

Again, please visit for more details in our list of provider Q&As (PDF) and refer to it frequently as we make continual updates.

We hope you are healthy, and we sincerely thank you for your concern and care of members during this trying time.


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