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Overall, Magellan providers satisfied in key areas

Magellan surveys its network behavioral health providers annually. Results from the 2018 survey of the national Magellan network remained positive in many key areas.

The survey questions ask providers to rate their levels of satisfaction with areas of Magellan service such as clinical, credentialing, appeals/complaints, claims, communication and website functions. Magellan uses the aggregated responses to target areas of service that we need to improve for our network providers and members.


The survey questions ask providers to rate their levels of satisfaction with areas of Magellan service. 

Areas with highest positive results

  • Professionalism of the clinical reviewer(s): 93.2%
  • Credentialing/contracting process: 86.6%
  • Authorization process: 85.3%
  • Processing your claims, accuracy: 87.8% and timeliness: 87.5%   
  • Publications (i.e., provider handbook, Provider Focus newsletter): 94.3%
  • Provider support for online self-service tools: 87.7%
  • Language assistance services (i.e., interpretation, translation services): 95.8%
  • Provider website ( 85.7%
Despite these positive results, Magellan will continue to look for ways to improve our providers’ experience and enhance our partnerships in areas that did not meet or exceed 85% satisfaction.

Areas identified for improvement

  • Timeliness of answering your call or contact: 83.3%
  • Overall length of time spent on calls with Magellan: 80.7%
  • Overall satisfaction with calls made to Magellan (toll-free number): 81.2%
  • Satisfaction with how often your issues were resolved during your first contact: 78.7%
  • Clinical appeals process: 77.8% and timeliness: 80.2%
  • Claims submission and reimbursement process: 81.8%
  • Claims appeal process: 75.3%
  • Claims appeal timelines: 76.8%
  • Opportunities to give input to Magellan: 80.7%
If you were one of the 4,700+ providers who participated in the survey, thank you for weighing in!
Be watching for your opportunity to complete the 2019 survey soon.

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