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region/plan-specific news : Wyoming

Congratulations to our providers with the highest response rates!

Magellan of Wyoming wants to give a special shout out to six provider teams with WFI-EZ family response rates that are above the 2018 average. These providers are doing a great job:
  • Quick Supports
  • Acceptance and Ability Focused Services and Supports
  • Cathedral Home for Children
  • Youth Crisis Center
  • The Main Tale and Judy Prewitt
  • Melody Donahue and Mandie Simondi

Helping families and youth respond to the WFI-EZ survey gives Magellan the information needed to make critical family voice and choice informed decisions. Working together toward this common goal, Wyoming providers’ work and dedication is paying off greatly! Thank you for being champions of high fidelity wraparound and bringing family voice and choice to the forefront.

Magellan of Wyoming’s family response rate for this first quarter was 40 percent compared to 14 percent in previous quarters. This result represents a 26 percent increase in responses.

Learn more about the WFI-EZ by visiting our site.

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