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Overall provider satisfaction remained high in 2017

88.3 percent of providers reported that they were satisfied with Magellan services.

Although overall provider satisfaction was down slightly from 90.6 percent in 2016, it still exceeds our goal of 85 percent provider satisfaction.

Greatest contributor to overall satisfaction: timeliness of response - 86.4 percent

We’ve worked to improve communication between our network department and our customer service teams so that provider inquiries (by phone/email/secure message) can be resolved on the very first contact. In 2018, we’re making changes to our phone tree and staff training to better support our providers’ claims inquiries.

Biggest area of improvement from 2016: support for our online service tools - 90.4 percent

We're thrilled your satisfaction in this area rose by nearly 4 points in 2017 (from 86.6 percent in 2016).

According to David Wadell, vice president of customer care, “One of the ways Magellan achieved this improvement was by restructuring our customer service department so that associates staffing the Provider Services Line could better specialize in provider interactions, while another team supports member interactions.  We’ve also tapped feedback from our frontline staff in making enhancements to our online service tools.”

Largest drop from 2016 to 2017 (5.2 percent): language assistance services - 90.3 percent

Language assistance services


Magellan's language assistance services (i.e., interpretation, translation services)


Ease of coordinating appointments with an interpreter


Availability of a language interpreter or sign language interpreter as appropriate to meet your needs


Competence/training of the interpreter(s) you used


With the inclusion of some new questions in 2017, we saw a drop in provider satisfaction with our language assistance services. Still, overall satisfaction holds high at 90.3 percent, which is considerably higher than our goal of 85 percent.

Greatest opportunity for improvement: claims appeal process and timeliness - 80.1 percent

Claims and appeals


Magellan's claims submission and reimbursement process


Accuracy of the processing of your claims by Magellan


Timeliness of the processing of your claims by Magellan


Claims appeal process


Claims appeal timeliness


You’ve helped identify an opportunity for us to improve your experience – claims appeals process and timeliness.

You’ve spoken; we’ve heard: While you’re satisfied with our services overall, including that of our claims submission and reimbursement processes, you’ve helped identify an opportunity for us to improve your experience – specifically related to our claims appeals process and timeliness.

Got claims? While we’re revising our claims appeals processes, check out these tips for avoiding claims appeals altogether. 

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