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New tip sheet for registering EAP cases now online

Last year, we made it easier for members to access EAP services. Now, our new tip sheet makes it easier for you to use our website to register your EAP patients.

When the member contacts Magellan, we provide them with a MAT (case) number that they can give to you. When you – the treating provider – receive a member-supplied MAT number, you use that number to register the member via our provider website.

Our EAP registration tip sheet takes you step by step through the registration process, showing you where to download the registration packet for your patient, as well as giving you tips for searching for a case you have already registered. We also have a demo of the EAP registration functionality available on our website.

You can find the tip sheet on the website in two locations:
  • Under the Education tab, on the Online Training page (scroll down to the EAP section).
  • After secure sign in, on the “View EAP Registrations” page.



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