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Increase your awareness of food insecurity with these insights

(Plus, community resources you can share)

Often when we think of people going hungry, we don’t realize that it can happen in our community, to our neighbors, and even to us. Millions of people have a tough time paying for food, and this is known as food insecurity.

Key information about food insecurity

  • Food insecurity is when people are not sure when their next meal will be or how they will get their next meal.
  • Food insecurity is a social determinant of health because of the impact it has on our overall wellness.
  • Food insecurity is when there is a difficulty in getting affordable, nutritious meals on a regular basis.
  • Children, seniors, and even those who are fully employed can be affected by this challenge.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of people experiencing food insecurity. 
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As a provider, it is important to proactively ask about this information and to be aware of potential mental health challenges caused by food insecurity. Going without food can certainly cause stress and anxiety for a member, and they should be encouraged to reach out for extra support to improve their care management and overall wellness.


Together with our county partners, Magellan shares available resources at the county, state, and federal levels that may help in your conversations with members.

On the Magellan of Pennsylvania website, you have access to over 375 community resources that include many local food pantries. When contacting a food pantry, be sure to call to confirm their hours of operation and to learn of any special considerations for drop off/pick up.

National resources include:

Regional resources:

  • Call the 211 United Way Resource Line or visit

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