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Use Availity Essentials for Magellan eligibility, benefits and claim transactions

Check Member Eligibility and Check Claims Status applications no longer on Magellan's site

Check eligibility and benefits

To check eligibility and benefits – including accumulated amounts – for Magellan members online, you must use Availity’s portal, Availity Essentials. Log in now.

For some state-sponsored or government-funded programs, eligibility and benefits may not appear in Availity Essentials; to verify eligibility and benefits, go to the state’s website.

Get claims remittance, EOP/EOB data

You can access claims remittance and explanation of payment (EOP)/explanation of benefit (EOB) data on Availity Essentials. Log in now.

View a crosswalk (PDF) of how claims data was previously accessed on the Magellan site vs. how to access now on Availity Essentials.

Additional options for viewing EOP/EOB data: If you receive your payment for Magellan claims through ECHO Health*, the ECHO portal also offers access. And, if you use a clearinghouse and are enrolled to receive ERA/835, you may be able to access EOP/EOB data by contacting your clearinghouse or using their portal.

Access Magellan-specific applications

Through Magellan’s Payer Space in Availity Essentials, you can access Magellan-specific applications and resources via a single sign-on to Magellan’s provider website.

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Not yet registered on Availity Essentials?

Set up your account now. (There is no cost for registration or use.) Availity has complimentary webinars and resources to help you get started with your registration.

Listen to recordings of recent webinars to learn more

If you were unable to attend one of the live webinars hosted by Magellan and Availity, check out the recordings to learn more.

Click the links below. Note: you must have an Availity Essentials account to access the recordings; ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled as well. (To create an account, visit

Webinar recording: Getting started as an Availity Essentials administrator

An overview of administrator duties, including adding new users, maintaining existing users, adding providers to the organization, EDI setup and reporting.

Webinar recording: Performing Magellan transactions on Availity Essentials

An overview of the available functions, including eligibility and benefits, claims status, remit viewer and Magellan Payer Space.

Continue to watch your inbox and our website as we introduce new online benefits and phase out functionalities on


*ECHO Health processes the payment of Magellan claims, except for Employee Assistance Program and Pennsylvania HealthChoices payments.




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