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It's not too late to complete your provider appointment availability survey (PAAS)

If you provide behavioral health services for Magellan* members and have not responded to the PAAS survey you received via email from Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, please do so at your earliest convenience. The PAAS survey closes Dec. 31, 2021. This survey asks you to share your next available appointment times for urgent and non-urgent services.**

While it might seem that we send you multiple requests to complete the same survey, that isn’t the case. If you receive a survey, it matters that we hear from you. It really does! By responding, you help to ensure Magellan members receive the best in care and services.

Keep in mind the PAAS survey is separate from – and in addition to – the Magellan National Provider Accessibility and EAP provider surveys. The separate Magellan surveys are also required. They allow us to assess the availability of our network providers to assist in appropriate member referrals and identify areas needed for further network development.

Thank you for participating in the Magellan network and responding to our surveys. You can glimpse a snapshot of our annual surveys schedule in the Spring 2021 issue.


*In California, Magellan does business as Human Affairs International of California, Inc. and/or Magellan Health Services of California, Inc. – Employer Services.

**PAAS supports the Department of Managed Health Care, California Code of Regulations, Title 28 CCR Section 1300.67.2.2.

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