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If you perform transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment, be advised:

Without being contracted and privileged for TMS services, your claims could deny.

If you or physicians in your practice are performing TMS treatment services for Magellan members without having taken the steps to become contracted and privileged for the TMS network, your claims will likely deny.

To be reimbursed for TMS services, be sure you:

  • Complete an executed amendment to your Magellan agreement that includes a TMS reimbursement schedule (the typical Magellan agreement does not contain the TMS schedule).
  • Complete, sign and return Magellan’s TMS privileging attestation form. The fully completed and signed Magellan privileging attestation form is required for every individual clinician and is service-location-specific; therefore, all applicable locations must be documented.
  • Make timely updates/changes to affected service addresses via (after sign in select Display/Edit Practice Information on the left).
  • Ensure new group members fully complete, sign and return the Magellan privileging attestation form if they intend to provide TMS services.

Joining the TMS network

If you aren’t currently part of Magellan’s TMS network and would like to join, contact your field network representative for next steps. If you’re unsure who your field network representative is, contact

As always, Magellan remains fully committed to reimbursing you accurately and promptly, and we appreciate your support of policies that help ensure quality care for our members.


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