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Coordinate with Magellan when forming new groups

As a reminder, Magellan monitors and tracks all group curriculum and composition.

Please follow the process for obtaining group approval:

  • Submit Activity Approval Forms for every new group and/or new youth and family training service request.
  • Submit a Choice of Provider Form documenting guardians’ choice for group service delivery by the group leader. The Choice of Provider Form documents the guardian’s choice to add the new group leader to the team (even if the provider is being added for the group only and not a permanent addition to the child and family team).
  • Include documentation about the group within the Plan of Care. Remember to include the assigned group number in all subsequent Plans of Care you receive from the Wyoming clinical team.
  • Request total number of group units under the recommended services section of the Plan of Care.
  • Document the group session in a progress note. Remember to include the assigned group number you receive from the Wyoming clinical team.

In addition to the Activity Approval Form, please remember to submit a Release of Information for every youth who attends the first group session. The easiest means of submission is via upload along with the signature page of the next Plan of Care. As a backup, you may also email the release of information form for each group participant to

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