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Text message reminders are available for follow-up care

Earlier this year, Magellan shared this article through our PA Quarterly Connection email for providers and local stakeholders regarding text message reminders for members. Magellan continues to recommend follow-up care with a behavioral health provider within seven days of discharge from a hospital, and to continue participating in that care. This is one of the best ways to prevent re-hospitalization.

Aetna recently launched a new opportunity in coordination with this program for our counties of operation. As of Oct. 9, anyone who attends an emergency department and has a behavioral health diagnosis in these counties will receive a text message asking permission to receive a text following their discharge. If approved, a follow-up text will be shared providing Magellan contact information.

As a reminder, the benefits of our text reminder program are:

  • It’s more convenient than a phone call.
  • It’s easier to refer to the day, time and location when it’s on the phone.
  • A series of text messages will help to remind the member.
  • Extra instructions are provided if the member needs to reschedule.
  • At any time, the member can text us ‘STOP’ to cancel the text reminders.

We encourage you to share this information with members, their family members and caregivers.

If you have questions about Magellan’s texting reminder program, please give our provider services representatives a call:

  • Bucks/Montgomery Counties: 1-877-769-9779                    
  • Cambria County: 1-800-424-3711                 
  • Delaware County: 1-800-686-1356               
  • Lehigh/Northampton Counties: 1-866-780-3368

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