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4 reasons to coordinate care with medical providers

(You have resources from us to make it easier)

As a behavioral health provider, you are vital in the effort to ensure Magellan members of employer plans receive quality care. Coordinating care among the patient’s healthcare providers can be challenging, but when you coordinate with other providers, everyone gains a more holistic picture of the patient receiving treatment, which in turn allows you to truly tailor the care for the individual.

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You have access to the clinician communication form (PDF)
and other forms to help you communicate and coordinate care with other providers.

Top 4 reasons to coordinate care

  1. It promotes a more comprehensive treatment experience for the patient.
  2. It helps ensure that the primary care physician (PCP) and other medical providers have access to your insights about the patient’s behavioral health functioning.
  3. It promotes patient safety—As you know, the patient doesn’t always share information about medications, but when medication is prescribed, both the psychiatrist and PCP need this information due to the potential impact on health conditions and functioning.
  4. It helps prevent medical complications and prescription pain addictions in cases of substance abuse.

Coordinating care is easy with Magellan forms

You have access to the clinician communication form (PDF) and other forms to help you communicate and coordinate care with other providers. Find more on the clinical forms page of our provider website.

TIP: Communicate with other providers following initial evaluation and at pertinent times during treatment such as safety issues, initiation of or change in medication, adverse medication reactions, treatment plan changes, hospitalization and termination.

How Magellan evaluates coordination of care efforts

No method is perfect, but one of the ways Magellan evaluates coordination of care efforts is via the annual Treatment Record Review (TRR) with our outpatient network providers. We look for the following elements in the review:

  • Evidence that the provider requested the patient’s authorization for PCP communication.
  • Release(s) for communication with other providers (non-PCP).
  • PCP communication after initial assessment. 

Gain insights that could help you improve coordination of care from our most recent treatment record review results reported in the Spring issue.


If you have questions about coordination of care or another aspect of quality improvement for employer plans, contact Lorraine Langdon-Hull at (314) 387-4892 or

Thank you for your commitment to caring for Magellan members.

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