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Patient safety in California: successes and opportunities

Each year, Human Affairs International of California (HAI-CA, a Magellan* subsidiary) conducts a survey examining the patient safety practices utilized by inpatient and residential facilities, plus psychiatrists, in the behavioral health network. Having recently tabulated aggregate results for the most recent survey, Magellan’s quality improvement staff is making relevant data available to network providers.

Key areas of patient care addressed in the survey included coordination/transition of care and medication management. Results across 24 survey questions were generally positive, but a number of clinical care areas reflected a need for improved coordination of care among practitioners and facilities.

Increases in positive responses

Survey responses addressing the following areas of clinical management showed increases over results from the prior year, 2018, or positive results for a new survey question.

Survey questions – coordination/transition of care

Do you or your staff…

% positive

% change prior year

Discuss cases with and/or send information to other behavioral health providers treating the patient?



Provide the patient a treatment/discharge summary to share with the patient’s outpatient provider?



Provide the patient with a treatment summary to share with their primary care physician (PCP)?




Survey questions – medication management

Do you or your staff…

% positive

% change prior year

Review risks and benefits of medications with patient and family?



Assess polypharmacy issues if three or more medications are prescribed?



Assess the patient’s medication compliance at each visit?


New question

Assess the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) for movement side effects?


New question

Educate members about medication assisted treatment/anti-craving options for substance/opioid use disorders?


New question


In addition, the most recent survey results showed increased percentages of providers using technology to improve coordination of care, e.g., e-visits, e-appointment scheduling, electronic refill reminders for patients on medications, e-prescribing, e-referrals if applicable, patient e-enrollment in case management or wellness programs, and use of online personal health records.

Areas requiring improvement

The following domains showed less than optimal results in the 2019 survey.

Survey questions – coordination/transition of care

Do you or your staff…

% positive

% change prior year

Call the patient’s primary care provider to share information about their case?



Discuss the history of adverse medication reactions with the patient’s PCP?



Fax or mail information/summaries to the PCP?



Coordinate with the patient’s PCP when medication is prescribed?



In an effort to improve the comprehensiveness of patient care coordination and medication management, Magellan is continuing in 2020 its network-wide Patient Safety Quality Improvement Activity. This includes convening quarterly meetings with select high-volume facilities to review patient safety matters such as discharge planning, follow-up appointments after hospitalization, patient readmissions, patient treatment plans, and coordination between HAI-CA and facility treatment teams.

We look forward to building upon the patient safety gains made in conjunction with California network providers.


*In California, Magellan does business as Human Affairs International of California and Magellan Health Services of California, Inc. - Employer Services.


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