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If your work were a movie

By Tammy Cooley, Senior Director, Magellan Healthcare in Wyoming

I read an interesting article recently that posed two questions:

"If your work were a movie, what kind of movie would it be? What would it be like if you expanded your thinking by looking beyond the most obvious genre(s)?"

What would our movie of High Fidelity Wraparound be in Wyoming? Personally, my affinity would lean toward the rom-com—you know, a romantic comedy with a sappy happy ending. But seriously, these movie questions elicit a lot of different thoughts. Did you pick up the subtle way they ask about preferences, style, thought processes, interests and many other qualities that would not come out in casual conversation?

So what would it be like if we expanded our thinking by looking beyond the most obvious movie genre(s)? And what if we applied that kind of thinking to how we perceive the things we do in our lives and our work? How do we look beyond what we think we know, and begin creating more possibilities?

There is always more to learn by shifting our perceptions, and being able to do this makes, for some, Oscar-worthy performances.

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Oscar winners share some common themes that also apply to our work with High Fidelity Wraparound:

  • Phenomenal outcomes
  • People recommend the experience to their friends and family
  • The return on investment is huge
  • People enjoy the process
  • It's hard work, but worth it in the end
  • Dedication of teams with a shared vision for final outcomes.

As we move toward the last weeks of 2018, there are many opportunities to shift our perceptions of High Fidelity Wraparound and grow together in our common purpose. As we serve more youth in their homes and communities through High Fidelity Wraparound across Wyoming, let's embrace the idea that there is more we can do than what we see today, there is more for us to learn about the process, more for us to do and more for us to be. Together we can continue to strengthen a program worthy of many great returns. The proof is what we have accomplished together for the past three years—a statewide program that is growing to new heights never seen before in our state.

By the way, why not share these movie questions with youth and families? You might get a whole lot of answers you wouldn't have otherwise, which could open up possibilities for support never thought of before. You are the vehicle to expanding their experience with our state's systems. “If your work were a movie, what kind of movie would it be? What would it be like if you expanded your thinking by looking beyond the most obvious genre(s)?"

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