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How you can support abstinence for members struggling with addiction

Your influence in a member’s treatment can save a life.
  • Therapists can provide the cognitive and behavioral treatment, as well as support and referrals to self-help, community resources and medical treatment.
  • Psychiatrists can collaborate with therapists and others involved with the member’s treatment, as well as educate the member about different lines of medical treatment available, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help with withdrawal symptoms and/or anti-craving needs.
  • Medical providers can prescribe appropriate medications for coexisting mental health conditions, which could decrease the risk of relapse.

Patient safety survey results for providers serving employer plans, three years running

Target goal: 85 percent





Magellan non-medical providers who refer member to a physician for assessment of medications in alcohol/opioid treatment




Magellan prescribers who report prescribing anti-craving medication to support abstinence




Survey data from 2016-2018 shows a decline in the number of non-medical providers referring members to physicians for MAT, while the number of Magellan medical providers prescribing MAT medications is increasing.

At every level of care, whether you are a behavioral health or substance abuse therapist, or a psychiatrist, you can find support in your treatment of members who struggle with addiction.

Where to turn

  • Access substance use treatment resources on Magellan’s provider website.
  • Reach out to a Magellan care manager for help facilitating coordination of care between ongoing behavioral health, substance use treatment and prescribing providers, and to discuss MAT as needed.
  • Prescribers: Consult a Magellan medical director when any issues arise with the use of MAT medications and treatment.

Continuing education opportunities

Access the following recorded webinars (available for CE credits) after secure sign-in on the Magellan provider website:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Use Disorders (generic)
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opiate Use Disorders in Youth and Young Adults

Questions or comments?

Providers serving members/employees of employer plans may contact Christine Bertolino, clinical reviewer, at (314) 387-4650 or

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