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Facilities: Now you can enroll members for text reminders about follow-up appointments

Magellan* members discharging from your inpatient unit can now opt in to receive text messages reminding them of their upcoming follow-up appointment. It’s easier than tying a string around their finger (and more effective, too!)

How it works (and what to do to make it happen):

  1. Schedule the member for a follow-up appointment within seven days of discharge from the hospital, and document it on the Bridge to Home form that Magellan provides at each admission.

  2. Obtain the member’s consent to receive text reminders about follow-up visits by checking the box and obtaining the member’s signature in Section 2 of the Bridge to Home. We’ll take it from here!


Check the box and obtain member’s signature for text reminders about follow-up appointments

What happens next

Once you submit the form, members will receive an initial text message three days before their scheduled appointment and a reminder text message one day before their scheduled appointment, with the offer for help rescheduling by a Magellan follow-up specialist, if needed. On the day following the scheduled appointment, the member will receive a final text message, asking if they attended the appointment.

Why it works

You are critical to the success of this program. We ask your help in routinely scheduling follow-up appointments within seven days of discharge, completing the Bridge to Home form, and documenting member consent for text reminders. This text reminder service is offered at no cost by Magellan, and helps boost facility follow-up rates as well as assists members in getting the follow-up care they need.

Text reminders are a best practice to improve follow-up and engagement in outpatient services for members who might otherwise be at risk for returning to the hospital. Reminder systems have been demonstrated to be effective in promoting attendance across health care settings and populations.**


Contact us at 1-800-424-1778 for WHA members and 1-877-263-9952 for BSC members. We look forward to our continued collaboration.


*In California, Magellan does business as Human Affairs International of California, Inc. and/or Magellan Health Services of California, Inc. – Employer Services.

**McLean SM, Booth A, Gee M, Salway S, Cobb M, Bhanbhro S, Nancarrow SA.Appointment reminder systems are effective but not optimal: results of a systematic review and evidence synthesis employing realistic principles. Patient Preference Adherence. 2016; 10: 479-499. Published online 2016 Apr 4 doi: 10.2147/PPA.S93046.

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