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EASI Form now captures new data to help improve member services

Did you notice something different about the Employee Assistance Service Information (EASI) Form, but can’t put your finger on what’s changed? You’re right.

We’ve added two new fields to capture data to help us improve members’ access to EAP services:

1.    Date member contacted you for the first session

In this field, simply enter the date that the Magellan member contacted you for their first EAP session.

This data helps us measure our adherence to appointment access standards. We appreciate your help to meet the industry standard of three days for a routine appointment and for including this date on your form.

2.    Session Type - telehealth or in-person

How did you administer the EAP session – in-person or via telehealth? Now when you bill for EAP sessions, you’ll specify the Session Type (or Session Administration on the hard copy form).

  • For sessions conducted with your client in-person, select “InPer” (In Person).
  • For sessions conducted using telehealth, choose “Tele” (Telehealth).

How EASI was that?

Continue to bill all EAP sessions, including telehealth, using the EASI Form. View our online EASI Form demo.


Haven't considered telehealth for your practice yet? Now's the time!

Magellan has expanded video-based counseling to EAP members*.

Through telehealth, you have real‐time, two‐way communication via secure online virtual sessions, and you interact with clients at a place and time that fit best into your schedule– and theirs.

  • Not doing telehealth for EAP but interested? Contact us at with your questions or concerns. California providers can email
  • Already providing telehealth today using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform? Simply complete and submit Magellan’s online telehealth attestation for EAP. After you submit the form, you can proceed with EAP telehealth, billing the EAP telehealth service on the EASI Form. (You’ll need to enter your Magellan MIS number to complete the attestation.)


Thank you for considering telehealth and for completing your EASI Form for all EAP sessions!

*Telehealth is not covered for United States Postal Service EAP.

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