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Is there a provider in the house? Magellan member survey results say "not always"

Though generally satisfied with Magellan services and providers, members can find it challenging to access a provider initially

Magellan cares about the members we serve, and we know you do too. In the ongoing effort to improve the quality of our programs and services, we conduct an annual survey that gives members across the country an opportunity to weigh in on areas of service that they are happy about and where they notice the need for improvement. Rates of satisfaction are measured across multiple domains such as accessibility of care, timeliness of service, convenience of appointment times, responsiveness of the therapist, helpfulness of our customer services, and other areas comprising the treatment experience. 

Overall member satisfaction rates for 2018 

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): 85.3%
  • Commercial health plans: 88.1%
  • Employer plans: 89.4%
  • Public sector plans (adults): 91.7%*
  • Public sector plans (minors): 86.1%**

 *Public sector refers to state-sponsored or other publicly funded health programs.

**Magellan administers surveys for minors via parents/guardians.

What members say could be improved

  • It could be easier to contact a counselor by phone for EAP members. Note that Magellan expects EAP providers to return member calls within 24 hours of first contact.

  • The process to obtain treatment/counseling could have been simpler for members of commercial health plans.

  • The wait time between calling for an initial appointment and the first visit could be improved for members of employer plans.
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This is why it is so important to keep your appointment times and availability up-to-date 
in our provider directory and return member calls in a timely manner.

You can make a difference in these areas by keeping your appointment times and availability up-to-date
in our provider directory. Also, we will be seeking your input in our appointment accessibility survey (coming to your email inbox soon).

As a Magellan provider, are you accessible within a timeframe that reflects the clinical urgency of the member’s situation? We ask that you make every effort to be flexible to accommodate member schedules based on their needs. Not only is this good practice, it’s part of your contractual relationship with us. 

In other areas identified for improvement, public sector adult members indicated they were not always able to see a psychiatrist when they wanted to, and families of public sector minors said they were not always told about their rights.

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What members liked best about Magellan services and providers

  • How well counselor(s) listened to and understood concerns (EAP).
  • Magellan representative was courteous and respectful (commercial health plans).
  • Therapist was prompt in keeping scheduled appointment times (employer plans).
  • Member was able to ask questions about treatment and/or medicine (public sector - adults and minors).
Who was at the heart of Magellan member satisfaction in 2018? Providers like you! 

Members' perceptions of services

2018 Provider-related Survey Item
Health Plan 
Public Sector-Adults 
Public Sector-Minors

Overall satisfaction with therapist






Convenience of appointment times






Therapist listened, took questions and understood member’s concerns






Member helped by services received






Member would use this program if seeking help again/or recommend program to others






Members from across the country rate their satisfaction across multiple domains.

Thank you for your commitment to meeting the needs of Magellan members and improving their satisfaction with the mental health and substance abuse services they receive. We will continue to collaborate with providers to improve the member experience and their treatment outcomes.

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