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Collaboration between providers and members is key to treatment/medication adherence

What 2018 treatment record reviews indicate in this area

Collaboration between providers and members often leads to higher levels of compliance with both treatment and medication. Compliance is closely associated with the ultimate goals of treatment, including stabilization and improvement of conditions.

As of this article’s writing, we are three-quarters of the way through our 2018 treatment record reviews. We’ve listed three elements below that pertain to collaboration between providers and treatment adherence, along with current scores. Keep in mind that the target is 70 percent or higher.

Documentation categories with their aggregate scores as of Sept. 30, 2018:

  • Medication education including reason for the medication(s) chosen and potential side effects – 88.8 percent
  • Diagnosis and treatment education about major depressive disorder – 41.4 percent
  • Member understanding of their treatment plan – 52.3 percent

Quality aids for you:

  • Treatment record documentation templates and the treatment record review tool will help you ensure you are meeting Magellan’s documentation standards for specific employer plans. These templates are now available on the clinical forms page of our provider website.
  • The CPG Audit Tools for major depressive disorder/suicide management, substance use disorder/suicide management, and ADHD contained in Magellan’s provider handbook appendix will help ensure your records include the required elements.
  • Magellan’s clinical practice guidelines assist you in screening, assessing and treating common disorders.
  • Section 4: The Quality Partnership in Magellan’s provider handbook includes information about treatment record and clinical practice guidelines review standards.

You’re an integral part of Magellan’s mission to provide quality care to our members. One important way we measure the quality of care our members receive is with treatment record reviews. By maintaining well-documented and organized records, you aid us greatly in this effort.

Questions about record reviews?

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